When Our Kids Say, “I Hate Myself” (Guest: Rae Luskin)

What do we do when our child or teen becomes their own worst enemy? Comments like, “No one like me,” or “I’m just stupid,” or “I’m ugly,” or “I don’t have any friends because I’m fat!” can challenge and concern any parent or teacher (as they should). Unattended, these thoughts and expressions seriously can affect a youngster’s ability to function and, when compounded into, “I don’t want to live another day like this!” even their life can be at risk. WHAT DO WE DO?

Yes, this is serious business, but there’s hope. Our guest on this radio show, Rae Luskin, offers some doable insights and ideas for helping those young people struggling with self-concept and self-esteem. She will deepen our understanding of the connection between body image, “snapshots” of self, and those punishing blows youngsters deliver upon themselves.

But this connection is precisely where change can begin, and Rae will walk us through it.

Rae Luskin is an established artist, author, consultant and keynoter speaker from the Chicago area, and she is the founder of Art & Soul Connections. Her latest book, Art From My Heart, is a very different approach to the healing of a child or teen’s self-esteem and body image issues. What’s more, her approach works! (The book, an awesome stocking stuffer, is on sale through Christmas of 2012. CLICK HERE for more information or to order Art From My Heart.)

Rae’s excellent (and brightly colorful) website is http://www.raeluskin.net/. (23.30)

To listen, use the player below. To access the file (right-click and “Save Target as …” to save to your audio device), CLICK HERE.

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