Growing Successful Young People (Guest: Vonda White)

Vonda White believes we all can leave extrordinary lives, no matter where we start. Her story is a testimony to what she believes. Her early years in a single-parent home were a challenge; she was picking up aluminum cans when the other girls were playing hopscotch. Through it all, however, she continued to dream big dreams and, with encouragement, she established and accomplished major goals in her life.

Today, Vonda owns and directs a very successful A+ rated business in Tarpon Springs, Florida, and is a sought-after presenter and media guest. She continually strives to encourage others to take action on their hopes and dreams as they set and achieve goals in their lives. In  this interview, Vonda encourages young people and those who raise them and teach them. She also makes a very generous offer to high school teachers in this program.

Vonda’s book, Success Against the Odds, is not only about her story and accomplishments, but the stories of others who took on the odds and beat them. (One of the stories is about Debbi Fields of Mrs. Fields’ Cookies; she built a 400-million dollar empire from nothing but a recipe and a dream.) This inspiring and well-written book, as well as a very detailed success planner (with instructional DVD), a success course, newsletter, blog and other valuable resources can be found at her website,

Suggestion: Share this program with the young people in your life. (24.28)


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