Helping Children Manage Stress and Express Feelings (Guest: Karen Cuthrell)

For too many of our children, anxiety to perform at school and in life is stress-inducing. Although children can learn adaptive skills as they progress, some youngsters respond by shutting down. They have serious difficulty communicating what they are experiencing. This can lead to inappropriate acting out behaviors, or behaviors of withdrawal and saddness.

Karen Cuthrell, our guest on this program, has developed an excellent way to encourage all children to not only identify feelings, but to understand that all feelings, even anger, are appropriate and have their function and place. Through colorful characters and attention-grabbing songs, Karen lifts youngsters up as she entertains them, and she shows parents and teachers how to do the same. In this program, Karen discusses the importance of providing consistency and modeling good communication.

Karen is the author of the award-winning book and musical CD series entitled Meet the Feeling Friends. For more information about the book, tips on communicating feelings to children, coloring pages, videos, song lyrics, and even an informative newsletter, go to (21:40)

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