Why Children Today Don’t Get Enough Free Play–Part One (Guest: Amy Robbins-Wilson)

When she was a school counselor, Amy Robbins-Wilson witnessed first-hand how young people were not having nearly enough opportunity for free and imaginative play in their lives. She observed how this affected spontaneity, creativity, overall confidence and even social interaction over time.

In this informative interview, Amy shares her insights into the concern about children’s needs for free and unstructured play and the opportunity to be authentically spontaneous. And, of course, she shares what adults can do to encourage more free play and expression. In this first part of a two-part interview, Amy discussed how important it is for parents to offer their time, presence and interaction, including pauses for “quiet” time and the appreciation of wonder. These lead to a healthy willingness to take risks and grow in the process.

Amy is a therapist specializing as a Musical Parenting Expert and a Healing Music Artist. She is also an author and an award-winning recording artist. Join the interview as Amy shares great ideas on how we can enrich the lives and futures of our children. (20:50)

(This interview concludes in Part Two.)

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