The Crisis in Youth Coaching (Guest: Dr. John Mayer)

All across America there are men and women coaching everything from pre-school sports to college athletics. The vast majority of them do an awesome job of instructing and encouraging our young people. In doing so, they instilll a life-long love of sports of all types.

Unfortunately, however, abuse and impropriety on the part of youth coaches is a real problem and concern. What can be done to stem the crisis we see in the news regularly?

In this timely interview, Dr. John Mayer with the Center for Ethical Youth Coaching, addresses this topic and shares excellent insights and advice for parents (and others) who are concerned for the safety and emotional well-being of their children. He also offers youth coaches some excellent suggestions for being proactive in the practice of strong ethics.

Dr. Mayer is a practicing clinical psychologist and Vice-President of the Center for Ethical Youth Coaching ( He is also a former youth coach, a life-long athlete, and current President of the International Sports Professionals Association. (27:12)

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