Project: FORGIVE (Guest: Shawne Duperon)

It’s been said that a major cause of depression and misery, and even some illnesses, is unforgiveness. Put simply, unforgiveness makes people sick, and it steals their joy.

Although the forgiven benefit from forgiveness, there little doubt the greatest beneficiary is the forgiver. After all, what is the value of being free from festering resentment coupled with the decision not to carry it around any longer?

Shawne Duperon, our guest today on this program, came upon a dynamic situation involving not only forgiveness, but something most would consider to be extreme forgiveness. As a filmmaker, she knew this story, and others like it, cried out to be shared. In this interview, Shawne shares the story, as she and Dr. Sutton discuss the nature of forgiveness and its benefits. (23:29)

A noted media specialist and six-time EMMY award winner, Shawne is producing and directing a documentary entitled Project: FORGIVE. It’s a compelling inquiry that examines why and how humans forgive. For more information and a great, short video about the project (produced by Shawne, of course), go to:

TO LISTEN, use the player below or left-click the link. To access the file right-click and “Save Target as …” to save to your audio device), CLICK HERE FOR LINK

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