Video Games and the Internet: Protecting Our Children from Cyber Addiction (Guest: Kevin Roberts)

What a timely interview! Exactly what are the risks when our children spend too much time playing video games or chatting on the Internet? Can texting become a problem?

Our guest on this program, Kevin Roberts, has answers to these questions, answers he learned the hardest way possible. Kevin is a recovering cyber addict; he can speak to the costs of video gaming and Internet addiciton, including employment problems, distancing of relationships, and even health and fitness concerns.

Kevin shares warning signs parents (and teachers) should look for if they suspect a youngster’s video gaming is getting out of control. He will also outline steps that can be taken to initiate immediate improvement. (26:25)

Kevin is the author of Cyber Junkie: Escape the Gaming and Internet Trap, and he regularly trains therapists, physicians, nurses, educators and parents on the perils of the Internet and video gaming. His informative website is:

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