Helping At-risk Youth and Their Families (Guest: David Simonsen)

Whenever a child or teen is referred to as “at-risk”, there’s probably a good reason. Behaviorally at-risk youngsters can be a tremendous concern, especially when their behavior hurts them, hurts a community and breaks the law.

Kids make mistakes; we know that. But how can we help those young people who could easily become repeat offenders and, in the process, sabotage their own futures in addition to the problems they could create?

The guest on this program is David Simonsen, a practicing therapist in Washington state. As a former policeman, he deeply understands the value of a changed life. David offers hope and redirection for at-risk teens by working not only with the young people, but with their whole families as well. It’s part of a relatively new field of intervention called Family Psychology.

David shares about his work in this program, and he makes us aware of the challenges that must be faced. For more information about him and his work, go to this website:

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