Bully-proofing Made Easy, Part 1 (Guest: Israel Kalman)

It would be wonderful, wouldn’t it, if we could spare every child and teen the discomfort of being teased, intimidated, picked-on, put-down and rumored about by simply setting a policy against it? But policies don’t stop bullying any more than making a law guarantees it will not be broken. And enforcement can become difficult, time-consuming and expensive.

Is there a better way to deal with bullying, a way that is empowering and not so complicated and resource-intensive? Our guest on this program, Israel (Izzy) Kalman believes there is a MUCH better way, a way that eliminates bullying by teaching people how not to be victims. His ideas and interventions make sense, and they teach a life-long skill for handling difficult people. When Izzy teaches his approach to young people, they “get it” immediately. (Shouldn’t that be a clue?) This two-part radio program outlines Izzy’s empowering and proven “Bullies to Buddies” approach.

Izzy is a psychotherapist and a nationally credentialed school psychologist. He the Director of Bullies to Buddies, Inc., and is the author of the ground-breaking book, Bullies to Buddies, How to Turn Your Enemies into Friends. His website is a go-to resource on bullying: (24:39)


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