Bully-proofing Made Easy, Part 2 (Guest: Israel Kalman)

Note: This is the second and concluding part of a two-part interview with Izzy Kalman on the subject of bullying and how best to deal with it.

It would be wonderful, wouldn’t it, if we could spare every child and teen the discomfort of being teased, intimidated, picked-on, put-down and rumored about by simply setting a policy against it? But policies don’t stop bullying any more than making a law guarantees it will not be broken. And enforcement can become difficult, time-consuming and expensive.

Is there a better way to deal with bullying, a way that is empowering and not so complicated and resource-intensive? Our guest on this program, Israel (Izzy) Kalman believes there is a MUCH better way, a way that eliminates bullying by teaching people how not to be victims. His ideas and interventions make sense, and they teach a life-long skill for handling difficult people. When Izzy teaches his approach to young people, they “get it” immediately. (Shouldn’t that be a clue?) This two-part radio program outlines Izzy’s empowering and proven “Bullies to Buddies” approach.

Izzy is a psychotherapist and a nationally credentialed school psychologist. He the Director of Bullies to Buddies, Inc., and is the author of the ground-breaking book, Bullies to Buddies, How to Turn Your Enemies into Friends. His website is a go-to resource on bullying: (26:58)


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