It’s ALL About Poise! (Guest: Gary Stokes)

Of all life’s lessons we are privileged to teach our children, one of the most important just might be the quality of poise in our lives. That’s right, poise. It’s the ability to navigate life’s ups and downs with tolerance, compassion, character and inner strength.

What is the value of poise? Well, according to our guest on this program, Gary Stokes, poise is an extremely valuable human quality. It improves and enriches all aspects of our relationships with others and, of course, our relationship with ourself. Gary generously suggests ways we can achieve and maintain more poise in our lives and in the lives of our children, also.

Gary is a writer, researcher, leadership coach and teacher on the subject of creating transformational change. He was the founder and CEO of Move the Mountain Leadership Center which partnered with local, state and federal agencies to redesign the nation’s approach to reducing poverty. He’s the author of the book, Poise: A Warrior’s Guide. (24:02)

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