Grief: What’s the Prognosis? Part One (Guest: Steve Havertz)

When is one’s way of grieving appropriate? When is it not? Does one really go through “stages” of grief? Isn’t grief an experience so personal that hard and fast rules really don’t apply? How do you help a young person handle the loss of a loved one?

This two-part program takes a hard look at these questions and more, as our guest, Steve Havertz, shares his thoughts and insights on this important topic. He is well-qualified to do so.

As an experienced counselor, Steve has helped many clients, young and old, navigate the journey of grieving. And, when he lost his young daughter to cancer in 2009 (following the death of his wife several years earlier), Steve learned what it’s like to grieve the deepest sort of loss. As they say, he’s been there.

Steve shares his story in this program as he and Dr. Sutton speak quite candidly about managing loss and about helping young people understand and deal with their grief and loss naturally and effectively. Steve is the author of the insightful and dynamic book, Dragonfly Wings for Emmalee. (23:46)

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