Memory Problems in Young People: Impact and Intervention (Guest: Dr. Milton Dehn)

As we learn more sophisticated and more accurate ways to assess issues that affect learning and achievement in young people, we gain valuable information regarding the impact of memory. We are learning, for instance, that problems with a child’s or teen’s short-term or working memory might well be a primary concern in a learning disability. Memory problems can also be a component of attention deficits and other conditions and diagnoses not generally thought to be associated with memory.

Identifying memory problems is one thing; addressing them is yet another. In this program, Dr. Milton Dehn, nationally recognized expert on psychological processing assessment, working memory and children’s long-term memory problems, shares the depth of concerns related to memory. And, of course, he offers interventions derived from evidence-based assessment and research, interventions teachers (and parents) can use to help youngsters strengthen their memory skills. Many of these come from his latest book (with CD), Helping Students Remember, a go-to resource with built-in memory-related lesson plans that can be implemented immediately. Techniques include visualization, locations, pegwords, chunking and grouping, and putting memory words into sentences. He also discussed meta memory and how it is important for a child or teen to know about their memory and how they are progressing as they do the exercises and implement the strategies.

A former school psychologist and trainer of school psychology graduate students, Dr. Dehn is a private practice school psychologist, consultant, presenter and author of several books on memory and learning. He is the co-founder of Schoolhouse Educational Services and the program director for Schoolhouse Tutoring(R), both based in Wisconsin. (25:26)

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