The Anxious Child at School, Part Two (Guest: Dr. Natascha Santos)

There are a zillion and one things that can make us anxious and uncomfortable. Much of the time, we know what those things are. Some can be addressed; some cannot. Then there are times when we don’t know.

Children and teens can have more difficulty with anxiety because they often don’t know how to interpret it, and they certainly don’t know how to handle it. Even common stressors and events, like the severe illness or death of a grandparent, can cause a youngster to feel like there’s something terribly wrong with them. What’s more, the rarely talk about it.

Although these kids might suffer in silence, concerns surface when performance at school is affected. According to our guest today, Dr. Natascha Santos, it’s not just academic work that’s affected, but social functioning as well. These students can also exhibit inappropriate behaviors that become a primary focus of intervention, often leaving the youngster’s anxiety and depression unattended. Result: There’s little improvement.

Dr. Santos addresses this topic well in this interview. Her training and experience run deep. As a certified bilingual school psychologist, she is trained not only in the identification and treatment of anxiety disorders at school, she has valuable expertise in the nondiscriminatory assessment of culturally diverse students. Dr. Santos is also a practicing therapist at BioBehavioral Institute in New York, where she specializes in the treatment of other anxiety-related conditions and disorders of young people and adults.

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