Raising Responsible Children: It’s NOT About Rules (Guest: Marvin Marshall)

Sometimes rules are very necessary. How could you ever have a sporting event without rules for the game? But in the raising and teaching of young people, rules and their enforcement can become a sticking point, especially with defiant and difficult youngsters.

So what’s the alternative? According to our guest on this program, Dr. Marvin Marshall, the alernative is responsibility. To fully understand what he means, ask any child or teen, or group of young people, this simple question:

“Had you rather I give you RULES or RESPONSIBILITIES?”

Responsibilities imply willing compliance and self-correcting, self-directed behavior. Rules, by their very nature, imply enforcement and consequences. The job of being Mom or Dad is tough enough without adding Sheriff to the job, also.

In this program, Dr. Marshall will explain his ideas on teaching responsibility, and he will suggest five ways parents can teach and encourage responsible behavior.

Dr. Marvin Marshall is a career educator who writes about and teaches responsibility-based principles for raising and instructing young people. He wrote the landmark book for educators, Discipline without Stress, Punishments, or Rewards, and is also the author of the multiple-award winner for parents, Parenting without Stress: How to Raise Responsible Kids While Keeping a Life of Your Own. (26:12)

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