Growing Up Ziglar: Lessons Learned and Shared–Part One (Guest: Julie Ziglar Norman)

Thirteen is a delicate age. It’s a transition out of childhood that brings with it enough challenges and adjustments. But what happens when you’re thirteen and you and your family move from South Carolina to the fast pace of Dallas, Texas? What happens when you never have a chance to say goodbye to your best friend, your horse? As what happens as your father, Zig Ziglar, is quickly becoming one of the most-popular and most-loved speakers on the planet?

Our guest today, Julie Ziglar Norman, shares these experiences in this candid and inspiring interview, but she she’s quick to point out that problems, challenges and heartaches didn’t stop when she (or anyone else) turned fourteen. As she shares her story, Julie makes it clear that, even with great parents and a close family, poor choices can bring on consequences that are difficult to bear. And, like so many young people, Julie was good at covering everything with a smile and a “I’m just fine” facade.

But she wasn’t fine, and that’s the message she wants parents and young people to hear. Julie shares how she addressed the poor choices she made, some of them years later. It wasn’t easy, but it was life-changing. Julie shares freely about how, for her, those changes were rooted in faith, forgiveness and practiced  principles of Christianity.

Today Julie, like her dad, is an accomplished and sought-after speaker. She is the founder of Ziglar Women, a Christian ministry that encourages and empowers women.  She is the author of Growing Up Ziglar: A Daughter’s Broken Journey from Heartache to Hope (published by Guideposts). (26:25)

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COMING SOON! Growing Up Ziglar: Lessons Learned and Shared, Part Two Guest: Julie Ziglar Norman)



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