Helping Youngsters with Math Anxiety (Guest: William Devine)

Some youngsters struggle with math. Some struggle so much that, when presented with math problems to solve, they have already decided they cannot do them. “It’s no use,” they might say;” I CAN’T do math!” Their anxiety about anything and everything involving math can become a real problem. Unfortunately, it affects a lot of young people.

Helping the child who struggles and stresses with math is made more difficult by the simple fact that math is an unavoidable part of a youngster’s education. We simply can’t remove it from the curriculum, nor can we pretend it doesn’t matter.

So what do we do? How can we help this child with math in ways that matter most?

Our guest on this program is William Devine, a Licensed Professional Counselor, math specialist and tutor based in Houston, Texas. Wil will help us assist math-anxious kids to become more comfortable with math, more willing to learn it, and more capable of making progress in math at school.

Wil is the co-developer of a very innovative parent and family-based math assistance program called That’s Math! This program promotes math development through parental involvement using solid behavioral principles guided by research. (30:40)

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