Empowering Families to Flourish (Guest: Dr. Daniel Trussell)

What is the secret of families that thrive and do well? Actually, it’s no secret at all. Families that flourish do well because they work at it. These families stand in sharp contrast to others that seem to be barely hanging on. For them, the goal is simple: survival.

Since no family really WANTS to flounder and fail, what are the characteristics of successful families, and how can they be achieved? Can families actually learn to improve and experience positive purpose and growth? Yes, they can.

Dr. Daniel Trussell, the guest on this program, has been studying flourishing families for years. He will share how positive individual traits like respecting others, communicating effectively and exercising coping skills and resilience apply to family units, also. Families CAN improve, and even flourish, and Dr. Trussell will offer his thoughts and experiences for making it happen.

Dr. Trussell is a Licensed Professional Counselor and positive psychology coach. He has spent his career helping individuals and families reduce and prevent mental health problems using a combination of cognitive behavioral therapy, applied positive psychology and mindfulness training. From his deep experience, he has a clear picture of the concerns and the costs, as well as a vision for solutions.

Dr. Trussell is the CEO of Webstar Behavioral Health and author of the new book, How Families Flourish: A Guide to Optimal Family Functioning Using Applied Positive Psychology. (29:18)


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