Straight Talk about Learning Disabilities, Part 1 (Guest: Laura Reiff)

The subjectLReiffphoto of learning disabilities can bring as many questions as answers. What are they, and how do children and teens “get” learning disabilities. What do parents and students need to know about learning disabilities, and what happens after a youngster is diagnosed? What are the responsibilities of the school to students diagnosed with learning disabilities, specifically how are identified students taught, and how is progress measured and documented? Also, does the child or teen with a learning disability ever display emotional or behavioral issues? If so how are they best addressed?

These are all good questions. Laura Reiff, our guest on this program will assist us in removing some of the mystery associated with learning disabilities, and she’ll replace it with insights gained from years of teaching learning disabled students.

LReifbookSome insights might surprise you. For instance, did you know that many learning disabled students are quite bright? Did you know that federal law directs the effective education of children and teens with diagnosed learning disabilities?

Laura has a heart for helping students and their families to better understand LD and to life what can be a negative stigma associated with Special Education. As a coach, guide and consultant, she operates a special website (posted below) that supports the needs and concerns of parents of children with learning disabilities. Laura is also involved in the writing of children’s books that help youngsters better understand learning disabilities and how they are addressed. Her first project, The Adventures of Naomi Noodles, is a book about a young girl coping with learning disabilities. (23:50)

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COMING SOON: Straight Talk About Learning Disabilities, Part 2 (Guest: Laura Reiff)

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