Easing the Challenges Facing Military Kids (Guest: Trevor Romain)

TrevorRomainphotoFor our US military personnel and their dependents, the notion of “home” is temporary. It changes every few years as whole families pack up and move, again.

Deployment or change of duty station can be tough on everyone involved, but the challenges to military children can be substantial. Friendships made are “disconnected” when it’s time again to move, creating the need to adjust all over again. Contact with grandparents and extended family can be postponed, sometimes for years.

TrevorKidsBut the challenges for these kids doesn’t stop there. Reintegration of the active-duty parent back into the home can be difficult, as well as service-related injury (physical or psychological), or the loss of that parent. Issues for the children can, and do, run deep. Their struggles with confusion, depression, fear, anxiety and anger behavior are real.

Trevor Romain, our guest on this program, serves military kids; he knows them well. Trevor and Comfort Crew for Military Kids, a foundation he co-created, have partnered with the USO to create a special traveling program for military youngsters: With You All the Way. Within the past 18 months, Trevor has presented messages of undertanding, encouragement and hope to over 110,000 on US military bases all over the world. He will share with us how best to help and support these young people and their families.

DeployKitA best-selling author and illustrator, Trevor has written an award-winning series of self-help books for children on a number of relevant topics. In fact, his work has been translated into 16 different languages. As an inspirational humorist and motivational speaker, Trevor has captured the hearts of children and those who serve them, for the past 20 years. (Pictured here is a kit given to military children when a parent deploys.) [27:38]


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