Pull the Plug on Failure (Guest: Dr. James Sutton)

jimrecordingHere’s a program from the archives. Back in March of 1991, Dr. James Sutton (that’s him in a photo taken at the time) and educational resources company, Rock ‘N Learn, collaborated on an audio project, Shutting Down the Failure Machine. This all came about when Dr. Sutton met school psychologist Richard Caudle on a speaking trip to east Texas.

RNLLogoRichard and his brother, Brad Caudle, a talented audio engineer and gifted musician, founded Rock ‘N Learn to create effective learning programs that are of high interest to young people. More than two decades later, Rock ‘N Learn is doing well, indeed, having earned over 150 awards!

This program was recorded at the Rock ‘N Learn studios in Houston, Texas (Conroe, for folks who know the area). It showcases Brad’s ear and feel for what sounds “right”.


Pull the Plug on Failure was edited from a longer original program. In this program, Dr. Sutton describes the three stages of failure for the troubled child: Stress, Struggle and Submission. He offers many actual examples from his vast experience in the assessment of young people. He then goes on to provide ten ways we can encourage, assist and lift up the child or teen plagued by difficulty and failure. (24:11)

Note: To contact Dr. Sutton or to access  a number of free resources, go to the website below. (Some of the contact information mentioned in the program has changed.)



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