Wings for Kids: SEL in Action (Guest: Bridget Laird)

BridgetLairdphoto2 Wings for Kids, a nonprofit organization based out of Charleston, South Carolina, is most definitely on the right track. For the past 17 years, Wings has been emphasizing social and emotional learning with elementary school youngsters identified as being at-risk. Their powerful after-school programs, conducted at the students’ schools, hold such potential for positive change that the US Department of Education  gave Wings a 2.8 million dollar grand for a four-year study and evaluation of the program and its outcomes.

WingslogoWings for Kids’ emphasis on social and emotional learning targets five critical life skills: Self-awareness, Responsible Decision-making, Self-management, Relationship Skills and Social Awareness. Kids gain the life lessons they need to succeed and be happy, and they get a safe place to call home after school.

In this informative program, Bridget Laird, CEO of Wings for Kids, shares about the powerful impact of social and emotional learning (SEL), how Wings has grown, and how renewed hope can mean changed lives and families. Bridget has been with Wings since 1998, and its CEO since 2011. (27:52)

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