The Raise Responsibilty System (Guest: Dr. Marvin Marshall)

This is a repost of Dr. Marshall excellent interview first aired February 11, 2012.


Good, effective teaching and parenting is not about emphasizing or insisting on compliance or obedience, it’s about teaching responsibility. Responsible youngsters ARE compliant and obedient; they learn to think and respond effectively to the challenges life brings. In short, responsible young people become responsible adults.

Our guest on this interview, Dr. Marvin Marshall, is back by popular demand to share more about a program he developed: the Raise Responsibility System. He explains how responsibility can be taught through noncoercive (but not permissive) methods delivered from a position of mutual respect. He explains, for instance, how it’s best NOT to discuss behavior with a youngster, as it often causes them to become defensive. Instead, he encourages youngsters to reflect on their LEVEL of functioning at a given moment, often resulting in an immediate self-redirection of the behavior. (Note: As you listen to this excellent program, you might want to have a copy of Dr. Marshall’s Teaching Model in your hand. CLICK HERE to download a one-page pdf if this informative document.)

The Raise Responsibility System has a proven track record in schools and homes all over the world. Listen in as Dr. Marshall explains why it has been so successful and how it remains so applicable today. Dr. Marshall is the author of the landmark book, Discipline without Stress, Punishments or Rewards – How Teachers and Parents promote responsibility & Learning. His website is (26:15)

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