Addressing Childhood Obesity (Guest: Randi L. Levin)

RandiLphoto The health of America’s children is at risk; not from disease, but from overeating. One out of three children in the US is severely overweight or obese. Without intervention, these youngsters will encounter even more health issues as they grow older.

Randi Levin, our guest on this program, notes that the recognition of a problem with childhood obesity is a big first step for a parent, but it’s such an important step. When Mom and Dad make the effort to provide healthier food and fun exercise fo their children, lives can change in many ways. Randi will share ideas and recipes from her new book that no only make sense, they are delicious, also!

RLevinbookRandi was enjoying a great career working with physically, behaviorally and emotionally at-risk youngsters when a life-threatening medical condition brought everything to a halt. As part of her recovery, Randi began baking. As a result, she quickly gained popularity as The Muffin Lady.

Two cookbooks and a lot of happy customers later, Randi felt a need to address childhood obesity. The resulting book, Love More; Feed Less: A Tasty Path Toward Avoiding Childhood Obesity, pulled together ALL of Randi’s skills. The book is featured in this program. (27:17)

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