Peaceful Parenting (Guest: Dr. Nancy Buck)

Dr. Nancy Buck, a developmental psychologist, suggests parents can’t control their children, and they shouldn’t even try. Author of Peaceful Parenting and the more recent Why Do Kids Act That Way?, Nancy shares simple and effective strategies for eliminating battles at home and improving relationships in the family.

Nancy is the founder and president of Peaceful Parenting Inc. and a parent herself. She is a Senior Faculty Member of the William Glasser Institute, and contributes regularly to the Psychology Today blog. Nancy has dedicated her career to helping adults better understand children, what drives them, and how to guide them effectively.

Listen in as Dr. Nancy Buck shows us how power struggles and parental attempts to control and overcontrol their children often bring precisely the problems and issues they don’t want. She will share a better way. In this interview she’ll even suggest a “cure” for ODD.

Dr. Buck’s website is Her books, training programs and additional resources and information are available through the website (20:20).

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