Why Children Today Don’t Get Enough Free Time, Part Two (Amy Robbins-Wilson

This is the second part and conclusion of the interview with Amy Robbins-Wilson. She continues with ideas for promoting more free play and spontaneity, starting with why being “silly” sometimes is a good thing. She and Dr. Sutton also discuss the value of “true” toys, the sort that help foster free and unstructured play. For the young child, Amy suggests a “listening safari.”

Also in this part of the interview, Amy tells us more about her work as a Musical Parenting Expert and a Healing Music Artist, and stresses the value of reaching individuals in their “singing center.” She explains the concept, purpose and value of the Mommy Jingles program. Amy then directs listeners to her website (www.amyrobbinswilson.com) to learn more and to take advantage of all that’s available there, including a blog, a newsletter and something new (and FREE): the Musical Parenting Video Coaching series.

Perhaps the best part of the conclusion of this interview is the special treat at the very end. Amy closes with an unbelievable rendition of one of the most popular Irish lullabies. (20:07)

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