The Road to Resiliency (Guest: Troy Payne)

TPaynephotoStruggle is part of life, but when does struggle become adversity? And how do we overcome adversity in our lives and strive for resiliency?

Young people are especially vulnerable when it comes to adversity in their lives, be it poverty, loss, illness or abuse. Their resources for recovery are limited. For them, our involvement, our help, is worth the effort, and then some.

Our guest on this program, Troy Payne, will share, through his story, what resiliency is and what resilient components we need to have in order to overcome adversity. He will also share how we can be a valued resource to those that struggle.

TPayneBookFollowing a career as a youth and family counselor, Troy founded a company, Wellness Realization, and now dedicates his efforts as a speaker, musician and author to helping others overcome adversity and find resilience. His band, “Aside from Sorrow,” has completed two albums that carry their message. The first album, “Out of Darkness, Into the Light,” is the soundtrack to Troy’s internationally best-selling book, The Road to Resiliency. (24:35)

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