A Better Way of Thinking (Guest: Richard Waldman)

RWaldmanphotoIt’s amazing, but true, that people can think themselves into a pile of trouble. What they say they want and desire can end up being sabotaged by behaviors that take them in precisely the WRONG direction. Whether it’s weight loss, a desire to live healthier, a plan to bring finances back under control, or whatever, too many folks start off right only to find themselves eventually back in the same circumstances.

Obviously, our young people are not immune to the self-sabotage that can destroy their own best interest. They seem bright and capable enough, so what’s happening here?

RichardphotoOur guest on this program, Richard Waldman, will address what he calls the “Chatter-in-the-Head” that works to hold us back. It’s powerful; it MUST be dealt with, and Rich will offer his expertise for accomplishing just that.

Richard Waldman is an experienced educator and life coach. The strategy he shares was born out of the realization that an individual’s personality has evolved in more than one direction using a brain that has the power to create on its own. This insight has tremendous application in our daily lives. Rich founded A Better Way of Thinking, a leadership foundation, and he’s the author of Your Guide to a Better Way of Thinking. (28:36)



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