Break Free of Parental Pressures (Guest: Debbie Pokornik)

DebbiePokornikphotoBeing a responsible parent is a tough enough job without wondering if you are doing the job “right.” But, if you’re a parent, chances are there have been times when you have questioned your decisions and actions regarding your children.

Well, guess what? That’s pretty normal. Even when we try to do the “right” thing as parents, it often doesn’t feel “right” to us. Shouldn’t that matter?

According to our guest on this program, Debbie Pokornik, it matters a lot. Pressures of parenting today cause many moms and dads to second-guess their parenting strategies and skills. As a parent educator and author, Debbie will help us tackle this issue of parental pressures and doubt, and she will share her insights as she offers ways parents can improve their role, and feel better about it.

Debbie Pokornik is the CEO (Chief Empowering Officer) of her company, Empowering NRG. She guides individuals to live empowered lives by helping them disconnect from negative energies like self-doubt, fear and guilt, as they learn to reconnect with their inner wisdom. She is also the author of the award-winning book, Break Free of Parenting Pressures.  (27:53)

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