Handwriting: A Case for Cursive and HFT (Guest: Treyce Montoya)

TMontoyaphotoAt least 46 of the states in the U.S. have eliminated classes in cursive handwriting from the public school curriculum. Many folks, including our guest on this program, believe the removal of instruction in that skill is a mistake, and that we will be paying a price for it.

Our guest, Treyce Montoya, holistic psychologist and experienced handwriting expert, analyst and forensic specialist, strongly believes that cursive handwriting brings more benefit than communication value. For instance, the “connectedness” of cursive writing supports a youngster’s emotional and behavioral health.

TMontoyabookTreyce has developed a therapeutic intervention called HFT, Handwriting Formation Therapy, that helps youngsters control volatile emotions like anger and rage. A controlled study in Texas proved the Montoya Method to be successful with chronic juvenile offenders. The results speak for themselves: There has been zero recidivism with these youngsters. Subsequent work with this method continues to produce strong, evidence-based results.

Consistent with her extensive experience and expertise, Treyce has written many books on the subject of handwriting and what it means. Today we’re featuring her book, Teach it Write NOW! Understanding the “Handwriting and Brain Connection” while learning the Montoya Method. (27:17)


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