Teen Popularity: Skills of Gaining Peer Acceptance and Approval (Guests: Jonathan & David Bennett)

JonathanBBeing a teenager brings challenges that create difficulty for the teen involved. Chief among their concerns are their friends and relationships, the approval and acceptance of their peers, and a sense of being popular while holding to their values.

But what does it take for a teen to be truly popular, respected and well-liked by others? How do they demonstrate authentic social and emotional maturity among their peers? Can these traits be learned?

DavidBAccording to our guests on this program, identical twins Jonathan and David Bennett, being popular and accepted, and being bully-proof, are skills-based. That means they can be learned, practiced and applied. How this can be accomplished is the subject of this program.

JDBennettbookIn addition to reflecting on their own years as teens, as well as their experiences teaching high school, Jonathan and David researched deeply this matter of popularity, peer acceptance and what it means to be bully-proof. They published the results of their efforts in a comprehensive, well-written, 38-chapter book, The Teen Popularity Handbook: Make Friends, Get Dates, and Become Bully-Proof.

Jonathan and David’s website, The Popular Teen, is yet another go-to resource on this very important topic.


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