Thou Shalt Not Whine: The Eleventh Commandment (Guest: January Jones)

JJonesphotoIf it’s true that misery loves company, then it seems that whiners ought to like other whiners. But, as we all know, it doesn’t work that way. Whiners are near the top of everyone’s “Avoid this person at all costs” list.

Well, if avoiding youngsters or adults that whine was a successful intervention, then why do we have more whiners now than ever? In fact, our guest on this show, January Jones, considers whining to be epidemic and costly to us all. In the long run, whining takes a toll from the quality of life … EVERYONE’S quality of life.

According to January, whining bosses, whining employees, whining spouses, whining children and whining parents often complain about issues and circumstances they could resolve IF they were aware enough and felt empowered enough to create positive change. That’s the good news addressed in this program.

JJonesbookListen in as January shares the research that resulted in her popular book, Thou Shalt Not Whine: The Eleventh Commandment. Listen as she shares her “formula” for whining, and as she explains a four-star rating scale that measures whining from “annoying” to “abusive.” Indeed, January lives up to her reputation as the “Whine Tester.”

Yes, the most common whines of children, teens, parents and grandparents are discussed in this interview, as well as how those whines can be resolved. Listen, also, as January shares a “universal” response to whining, one that often works quickly. As always, a great sense of humor helps, and January is a great role model for that.

January Jones is an established author and the host of her own internet radio show, Sharing Success Stories. As noted, we are featuring her popular book, Thou Shalt Not Whine: The Eleventh Commandment. (28:32)


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