Must-Have Marvin (Guest: Christy Ziglar)

BTRadioIntThe concept that people and relationships are far more important that wealth and things is accepted by most folks; it holds a prominent place in our most important values. A review of accumulated end-of-life regrets would find hardly an individual that wished they had worked for more “stuff.” Many folks in that situation, however, have lamented broken relationships. That should tell us something.

ChristyPhotoIt’s easy, isn’t it, to be drawn down paths that entice us with status and possessions? Unfortunately, Madison Avenue keeps those paths well-lit. How many of us can identify a time when we wanted something so badly that we were resolved to have it, no matter what, regardless of its cost in resources or relationships? Then later, we discovered we paid too much.

That realization, as difficult and uncomfortable as it might be, can help us learn a necessary lesson: People are ALWAYS more important that possessions.

Marvin_CoverOur guest on this program, author Christy Ziglar, has written a book for children that skillfully addresses the conflict of values regarding possessions versus relationships. The book, Must-Have Marvin, follows a young boy who has to stumble a bit before he truly understands that friends are more important than things.

Must-Have Marvin is the second book in Christy’s very successful Shine Bright Kids series; plenty more are on the way. These books promote principles for living shared world-wide by the late Zig Ziglar, master motivator, encourager AND Christy’s uncle. Zig’s timeless influence continues on in every page of these great books for kids.

Christy is the founder of the Shine Bright Kids Company in Atlanta Georgia, where she and her family currently live. (29:17)

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