Adults with ODD (Dr. James Sutton)

BTSpReportThis video has been on my YouTube site for several years now. It continues to draw a significant amount of traffic (almost 18,000 views). We thought it would be interesting to publish it here on the Network. –JDS


There’s been a lot said about Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) in adults. Until recently, however, ODD as a diagnostic classification was reserved for use with children and adolescents. The DSM-5, the newest diagnostic manual used by mental health professionals, is more liberal in applying the ODD diagnosis across ages. (This video was made when the older manual, the DSM-IV-TR, was the prevailing authority.)

In this introductory video, psychologist Dr. James Sutton offers insights into defiant, argumentative, oppositional, noncompliant and angry behaviors in adults, behaviors often classified as one of several personality disorders. Costs of these behaviors are discussed, and several approaches to interventions are offered. Resources for help and support are also provided.

The interventions mentioned here were ones Dr. Sutton used successfully with patients showing these characteristics in 28-day drug and alcohol treatment.

Dr. James Sutton is a psychologist and founder/host of The Changing Behavior Network.

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