In the Spotlight (Christy Monson and Dr. Frank Sileo)


Christy Monson

Christy Monson, LMFT, retired, built a successful counseling practice in Las Vegas, Nevada. During that time, she worked with children as well as families. She found that opening up a communication in families made a world of difference in the well-being of the children as well as the parents.

CMonsonphotoThe Sandy Hook school shooting rocked the entire nation with grief. At this time, Christy felt it was important to give parents and children everywhere a vehicle to talk about and to share their feelings. Familus, a family-friendly publisher, was eager to print the book. So the picture book for children, Love, Hugs and Hope: When Scary Things Happen, was born.

This book is not only an important tool for helping parents and children through national disasters, it is also an excellent vehicle for aiding families with personal struggles, such as divorce, death of a family member, loss of a pet, or any other crises that might occur.

LHH Small2In times of difficulty, Love, Hugs and Hope helps kids:

1. Identify their feelings

2. Share them with someone safe

3. Find a way to release them

4. Reframe them in a positive way

5. Find love and emotional support


The Midwest Book Review had this to say about Love, Hugs and Hope:

A beautiful two-part message is embedded at the core of this

lovely book, with perfectly balanced text and illustration. It

proclaims: “Love chases away hate (on a valentine held by a

penguin) and light chases away the dark (with a lit candle held

by a duck in the darkness with stars).”


Other self-help books by Christy Monson include Becoming Free: A Woman’s Guide to Internal Strength and Family Talk: How to Organize Family Meetings to Solve Problems and Strengthen Relationships, both published by Familius. They are available at Amazon and on her website.

Visit Christy’s website [link] for free downloads on helping children through divorce, death and tragedy, along with other pertinent information for helping children become the best the can be.

To access Christy’s radio-style interviews and articles on The Changing Behavior Network, use the search box on the right, entering “Christy Monson.”


Dr. Frank Sileo


FSileophoto2Dr. Frank J. Sileo is a licensed psychologist specializing in work with children and adolescents. He is the founder and Executive Director of The Center for Psychological Enhancement, LLC, located in Ridgewood, New Jersey. Not only has he been in practice there since 1995, he has been consistently voted one of New Jersey’s Favorite Kid Docs by readers of New Jersey Family magazine since 2010.

Dr. Sileo has taught counseling and psychology courses at the college level and he currently supervises doctoral students in the clinical psychology program at Fairleigh Dickinson University. He’s also currently on the Health Advisory Board for Bergen Health and Life magazine as a Child/Adolescent Psychology expert.

A thorough researcher and gifted writer and speaker, Dr. Sileo has written extensively both professional and general interest articles that have been published and quoted in psychological journals, national newspapers, magazines, podcasts, websites, radio and television. He speaks and keynotes with authority on the subjects of bullying, self-esteem, stress management, coping with chronic illness, and the psychological aspects of  Crohn’s disease.

SallySoreLoserCover2Dr. Sileo’s was on the Support Group Task Force for the National Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America. His expertise on this topic, as well as his skill for communicating with young people, shows through in the first books ever written for children on Crohn’s Disease and lactose intolerance: Toilet Paper Flowers: A Story for Children about Crohn’s Disease and Hold the Cheese Please! A Story for Children about Lactose Intolerance. He then wrote Bug Bites and Campfires: A Story for Kids about Homesickness and Sally Sore Loser: A Story about Winning and Losing. (Sally Sore Loser was awarded the Gold Medal Award from the prestigious Mom’s Choice Award.)  His most recent book is Don’t Put Yourself Down in Circus Town: A Story about Self-Confidence.

To learn more about Dr. Sileo’s work, books and press, go to his website [link]. (He has also contributed complimentary materials to our “Freebies” section on this site.)  To hear Dr. Sutton interview him regarding the books he has written, use the search box on the right by entering “Dr. Frank Sileo.”



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