Teaching Financial Fitness to Our Children (Danny & Ava Kofke)

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dannykofkeSomething important is missing today from the education of most children and teens. They have little exposure to it at home or school, potentially leading to deficiencies that can follow them into adulthood. What is missing is financial literacy and the sort of knowledge and practice of managing money that builds financial fitness in our children.

Unfortunately, we don’t have to look very far to see the difficulty financial problems can create in a home and in a life. Stability and happiness easily can be sacrificed when there’s financial pressure. It’s not a good way to live for anyone.

abffTeaching our children about money and financial responsibility, and doing it early on, just makes sense. It gives kids a major tool for handling life. Danny Kofke, a retirement consultant and former special education teacher, will offer insights and interventions on this program as he and Dr. Sutton discuss ways to bring our children up to speed on important matters of financial literacy.

Danny’s three books on personal finance started with How to Survive (and perhaps thrive) on a Teacher’s Salary, followed by A Simple Book on Financial Wisdom: Teach Yourself (and your kids) How to Live Wealthy with Little Money. His most recent book, the one featured on this program, is A Bright Financial Future: Teaching Kids About Money Pre-K through College for Life-Long Success. He has delivered his message on numerous network television shows and right at 500 radio shows.

AvaphotoDanny and his work have been featured in a number of national publications, including USA Today, PARADE, The Wall Street Journal, Bottom Line Personal and The Huffington Post.

the financial angelAva Kofke, Danny’s ten-year-old daughter, must have a pretty good handle on money matters. She wrote her own financial book when she was nine, The Financial Angel: What All Kids Should Know About Money (ages 4-11). Dr. Sutton visits with Ava on this program, also. (28:58)


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