A Foot on the Dinner Table: Claiming Victory From Adversity (Dr. James Sutton)

BTLifesMomentsI was addressing a group of adults some time back; I threw them this challenge:

What would you think if you were at a nice dinner with about nine or ten other folks, and one of them put his bare foot on your table?

The general consensus was they’d be pretty disgusted. Their facial gestures indicated that, if that happened at their table, dinner would be OVER whether they had finished eating or not.

But what if that person had no arms?

That one variable changes everything, doesn’t it? It takes our preconceived notions and attitudes and completely removes them from the picture.

This described an experience of mine at a convention. One of my tablemates had no arms. He ate with his feet. He also drank with his feet and took notes with his feet.

He even wrote a book with his feet. Amazing.

footThis man, a Canadian, is a very successful speaker on the topic of dealing with adversity. Folks will listen to him. He walks his talk.

What an inspiration. And I think I’m having a tough day when I’m battling a sore throat.

I’m very clear on the fact that no rational person ASKS to tackle the challenges of this world without his arms. But things happen; life sometimes can throw us some huge challenges.

What we DO with the challenges can be a measure of our character, our resolve … and our resiliency. ###

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