Traumatic Incident Reduction in Children (Guest: Marian K. Volkman)

BTRadioIntIn my part of the country (Texas) recent rains and flooding have inflicted trauma on many individuals and families. Here’s an earlier interview I did with Marian Volkman, Certified Trauma Specialist; it addresses ways to address traumatic experiences as they affect children. If you’d care to interact with others on this topic, we welcome you to join The Changing Behavior Network SUPPORT FORUM. –JDS


MVolkmanphotoTraumatic experiences can seriously affect a person and his or her ability to function and adapt in just about all aspects of life. Traumatized children often struggle a great deal because of their difficulty in communicating what troubles them.

Fortunately, there are ways of helping a traumatized child reach a state of emotional healing, realized to the degree and point that the effects of tramatizing circumstances and events no longer trouble them. It is gratifying to observe this sort of change in a child, change that can be both empowering and permanent.

cover_1162Marian K. Volkman, our guest on this program, brings her experience and expertise to share with us how positive outcomes with a traumatized child can be accomplished. Marian, a Certified Trauma Specialist, has been using Applied Metapsychology and a therapeutic approach called Trauma Incident Reduction (TIR) since the 80s. In fact, she has taught TIR techniques all over the world. She is the editor of a collection of best practices of TIR with children, a book entitled, Children and Traumatic Incident Reduction: Creative and Cognitive Approaches. (26:20)

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