Calming Our Kids, One Meal at a Time (Guest: Trudy Scott)





Research now clearly states and continually reinforces the connection between dietary deficiencies and issues of mood and behavior in children and teens. The good news is that, in many of these cases, changes in diet and eating habits can relieve characteristics like anxiety, depression, frustration and outbursts of anger. (This is not to infer that all emotional and behavioral diagnoses stem from dietary concerns, but it is one of the easiest and quickest places to start positive changes.)

Trudy Scott, the guest on this program, brings us hope and encouragement based on her findings, her experience, and the hard evidence of cutting-edge research. She takes us through nine steps toward healthier and happier young people starting with the foods and minerals we serve them.

Trudy is an established food-mood expert, a Certified Nutritionist, and author of the popular book, The Anti-anxiety Food Solution. She is the immediate past President of the National Association of Nutrition Professionals, and she serves as Special Advisor to that organization.

Trudy’s informative website is (25:19)

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