Healing the Father Wound (Guest: Keith Zafren)

BTRadioIntAn autographed copy of Keith Zafren’s book, How to be a Great Dad: No Matter What Kind of Dad You Had, will be given away June 18th in a drawing from the Support Forum membership.


The Father Wound is a powerful and descriptive concept; it’s all too real to many. It represents the emotional damage done to an individual by a male parent. Intentionally inflicted or not, a Father Wound can run deep and stay there, robbing one of much joy and purpose in life.

KZafrenphotoFather Wounds can be blatant and obvious, as with a father that is consistently absent, abusive, compulsive or addicted. In other cases, Father Wounds are more subtle, as in the case of a father that is physically present but emotionally absent, harsh, judgmental or critical, or the father that had difficulty showing support and expressing affection to his children. It’s very possible the father in this instance was himself wounded as a child.

Too often, wounded individuals feel they are to blame for the hurts they suffer. Consequently, the Father Wound is buried and covered over, but it doesn’t go away. These folks then become at risk for wounding their own children.

KZafrenBookHere’s the good news: Father Wounds CAN be healed. Our guest on this program, Keith Zafren, author and founder of The Great Dads Project, understands the Father Wound all too well; he experienced it. But Keith also experienced the healing of the Father Wound, and he graciously shares his research, findings and practices regarding intervention. He will walk us through the steps and processes involved in getting to a point of peace and purpose, a place where hurts of the past no longer hinder one’s present.

Keith is a Jack Canfield certified Success Skills Trainer and the author of the award-winning book, How to Be a Great Dad: No Matter What Kind of Father You Had. Through his years of work as a pastor, as a founding board member and fatherhood trainer for the Prison Entrepreneurship Program, and, as mentioned, founder of The Great Dads Project, Keith has touched the lives of thousands. ( 32:05    )



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