Quick Tip #1: How to Praise a Compliment-challenged Youngster (James D. Sutton)

BTQuickTipQuick Tips are short, to-the-point audio tips, interventions and strategies intended to help the listener effectively manage an issue or situation with a child or adolescent.


Jim415smIt might sound a bit strange even to suggest that some children and teens are uncomfortable with compliments, but it’s true. Pay the compliment-challenged youngster a compliment and he or she is apt to discount it or refuse it altogether. A heartfelt compliment or statement of praise can turn into an ugly scene if we’re not careful.

In this Quick Tip, psychologist Dr. James Sutton shares an intervention technique he has used successfully many times. He calls it Strategically Placed Compliments, or SPCs. This strategy helps a compliment to “stick” by eliminating the opportunity for it to be refused. (3:43)

ebook cover ISEsmPsychologist Dr. James Sutton is the founder and host of The Changing Behavior Network. This tip is from his latest book, Improving a Youngster’s Self-Esteem (revised), available for immediate download. For more information, CLICK HERE.


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