Quick Tip #5: How to Get Calm and Centered Using the Five Senses (Michelle Cohen)

BTQuickTipQuick Tips are short, to-the-point audio tips, interventions and strategies intended to help the listener effectively teach a skill or manage an issue with a child or adolescent.


MCohenPhotoThroughout the day, so many tasks and thoughts and responsibilities can sneak in that it is almost impossible to keep it together let alone relax. Did you know that our five senses are actually available to us at any time to help bring any family member (including yourself) who is freaking out back into the present moment?

In this Quick Tip, author Michelle Cohen shares a mindfulness technique her clients have enjoyed so much they use it over and over again. It is an easy, fluid way to regain composure in any situation.

MCohenITCbookAuthor Michelle Cohen and her projects have been featured on CNN, Good Morning America, MTV, NPR’s “All Things Considered”, and in People Magazine, Entertainment Weekly, and the Washington Post. Michelle has given thousands of private intuitive guidance sessions, exponentially changing the way her clients perceive themselves in positive and permanent ways. This tip is from her book, The Intuition Tool Kit, available through Michelle’s website  [link].


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