Mindfulness: A Primer (Anonymous)

BTCounselorThe internet brings all kind of news. Some of it is good; some not. Here’s something that ended up in my Facebook “mail.” I thought it worth sharing on the Network.hand
Mindfulness-based counseling and therapy is receiving a lot of focus today (pun intended). This brief set of instructions can be very helpful in not only bringing an anxious person’s attention to the here-and-now, but in helping them to control and redirect impulsive reactions that might only make a situation worse. (That one benefit alone is huge!) And, since we have five fingers on either hand, the count-down shouldn’t be difficult. The person who shared this referred to it as “grounding.” I’ll go with that. Enjoy … and share. –JDS


Tip to Help with an Anxiety Attack

Look around you.


FIVE things you can SEE;

FOUR things you can TOUCH;

THREE things you can HEAR;

TWO things you can SMELL, and

ONE thing you can TASTE.



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