The Power of Curiosity (Guest: Kirsten Siggins)

BTRadioInt-300x75Milton Wright brought a simple flying toy home to his curious sons, Wilbur and Orville. The rest, of course, is history; we now ride the skies on the wings of the power of curiosity. Curious people are movers and shakers because … well, because it’s both their calling and their destiny.

the power of curiosity, conflict resolution, improving relationshipsCuriosity can be a powerful component in relationships, also. It can add to the depth of relating with and understanding others. Skillfully used, curiosity can help us resolve conflicts and restore harmony.

Having and using a tool like curiosity can serve us well. In conflict resolution, curiosity can help us open a conversation we might otherwise prefer to avoid. Whether its with a co-worker, spouse or a child, we can learn to take the coercion out of conflict and the conflict out of relationships. Kirsten Siggins, an executive coach skilled in using curiosity in leadership development, is with us on this program to help us grasp and use the power of curiosity.

the power of curiosity, conflict resolution, improving relationshipsKirsten suggests we are no strangers to curiosity; we had plenty of it as children. Using curiosity well involves relearning what we already know, and she will help us do precisely that. The benefit: relationships that remain close.

Kirsten is quite passionate about working with parents and teens, sharing the curiosity skills for improving relationships as they stay curious and connected in all conversations. Kirsten and her mother, Kathy Taberner, also an executive coach, founded the Institute of Curiosity, a successful and much-publicized coaching and training organization built on the qualities of curiosity. Today, we are featuring their new book, The Power of Curiosity: How To Have Real Conversations That Create Collaboration, Innovation and Understanding. (25:40) (The Intro and Chapter One of The Power of Curiosity is available for free at this website.)


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