Tackling the Terror: Empowering a Child to Overcome Fear (Guest: Michelle Cohen)

BTRadioInt-300x75Welcome to this interview with Michelle Cohen entitled, “Tackling the Terror: Empowering a Child to Overcome Fear.”

Fear has been described as a guide to wisdom. That sounds a bit strange, but fear can, and does, help keep us alive sometimes. Fear, for instance, is what keeps us from wanting to make friends with rattlesnakes. A little fear is a healthy thing.

Michelle Cohen, Tackling the Terror: Empowering a Child to Overcome FearBut too much fear can be crippling, a major handicap that limits the quality of one’s life. It eventually can make people sick as it steals the joy from their lives. It’s important, therefore, for one to learn to address and manage fear effectively.

Children are certainly not immune to experiences that frighten them. Real or imagined, their fears, especially fear of the dark, can trouble them greatly. Youngsters expect us, the adults, to “fix” what frightens them.

But do we, really? Is it possible for parents, grandparents and teachers to dismiss a child’s fear by saying something like, “There’s NOTHING to be afraid of.” Well-intending statements like this don’t work very well, and they can often compound the problem.

Actually There Is Something Under the Bed, MIchelle Cohen

Solution: Empowerment

Our guest on this program, author Michelle Cohen, will urge us not to dismiss a child’s fear, but rather empower them to manage it effectively themselves. Michelle is with us on this program to share her insights and multiple ways to give kids the strength and skills to conquer once powerful fear of the dark, and other fears. Michelle will also offer possible explanations for what children are seeing, hearing and sensing in their moments of fear and distress.

Successful Protocols

Not only do these interventions work (Michelle calls them “resolving fear protocols“), guidance counselors, therapists, psychologists and families have been using them successfully for years.

Michelle Cohen

Michelle Cohen is a creative, multi-faceted, multi-talented producer and author. Her work has been featured nationally in television, radio, stage, film and print. Michelle’s production work includes the off-Broadway mega-hit, “Schoolhouse Rock Live!” and she’s the author of Actually, there IS Something Under the Bed: A Parent’s Guide to Empowering Their Child in the Dark. (28:15)


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