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Dr. James Sutton, James D. Sutton, The Changing Behavior Network, The Support Forum, The Speakers GroupThe Changing Behavior Network is a dream of Dr. James Sutton, child and adolescent psychologist. What most folks don’t know is that he put himself through college as an announcer for a CBS radio affiliate in San Antonio, Texas. He regularly conducted studio interviews with actors, political folks and special guests coming to the city.

“I still believe audio is a great way to learn, because we can listen while we drive, read our mail, and do other things,” Jim says. “Audio is a powerful medium that gets the message across without tying us down. I believe we should be using it more than we do.”

Since its beginning in 2011, The Changing Behavior Network has experienced encouraging growth. Each year brings more folks to the site and more and more quality guests and their expertise. In short, we’ve been blessed.

On this site we will feature the “sound” of experts in the field of education,
psychology, medicine, and encouragement (yes, encouragement is a powerful field). They will inspire us to be better at all we do as parents, grandparents, teachers, counselors, clinicians and all types of child-service professionals. If there’s something here that helps you encourage, instruct or interact more successfully with a child or teen … well, that’s precisely why this site was built.

We will also publish articles and blog posts on the Support Forum, so join us there also, and stay in touch (click on the Forum box on the right). Better still, have notice of new posts automatically sent directly to your email by following a few easy instructions provided in the “Send Posts to Your Email” tab above.


As The Changing Behavior Network picks up more traffic and attention, we’re making some additions that should make it even better. Here’s what you’ll see on the Network:

Radio-style Interview: These are the radio-style interviews with guest experts and authors that have been on this site since 2011.

Featured Guest Articles: We will regularly headline an article from one of our featured guest authors/experts.

Life’s Moments: This will be a special post, often seasonal in nature, that encourages us to reflect on important circumstances, persons and events in our often too-busy lives.

Special Report: From time to time we will be including a special report on a topic of interest as it would relate to improvement in the lives young people and their families.

We invite your comments, also. Send them directly to The Changing Behavior Network at:







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