Post to Your Email

If you’d like to keep up with new interviews and articles posted in this site, but don’t have the time to keep checking it, you can have new posts sent to your email address. (This will be just new posts, not the whole Network.)

You can receive real-time notice of new posts on this site by using the RSS feed for The Changing Behavior Network.

One very effective, easy and FREE way to have newly posted features, interviews and articles sent directly to your email is called

To use this simple and powerful free service, go to their website and type in just two pieces of information;

1. The feed for The Changing Behavior Network, which is

2. The email  address where you want new posts sent.

That’s it! They will ask you how often you want the site to be checked  for new material (we recommend the 2-hour option), the press “Feed Me” to activate the free service. Set it, and it will do the rest. You will know you have done it correctly when sends you an email asking you to verify.