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Creating a Family Charter (Guest: Dr. Daniel Trussell)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFamilies that flourish do well because they work at it. These are families that demonstrate love and respect for all family members, right down to cherished pets. They manage the ups and downs of life with a stability that keeps the family on solid ground. There are rules and guidelines for each family member that are understood and respected.

More often than not, however, these rules and guidelines are verbal; they are not written down.

But why shouldn’t a family have WRITTEN rules and guidelines? If they were committed to a written document, couldn’t this make a strong family even stronger? Our guest on this program, Dr. Daniel Trussell, certainly believes it does. He’s here to tell us about The Family Charter. A good Family Charter explains, clarifies, directs, protects, encourages and empowers each family member. For a family, it’s both a job description and a map. Whenever there’s an issue, decisions aren’t made on the fly or hastily contrived in a moment of frustration and anger; it’s right there in The Family Charter. Dr. Trussell will walk us through the steps of making a Family Charter that benefits everyone involved.DanielBook

Dr. Trussell is a Licensed Professional Counselor and positive psychology coach who has spent his career helping individuals and families reduce and prevent mental health problems using a combination of cognitive behavioral therapy, applied positive psychology and mindfulness training. He is the CEO of Webstar Behavioral and author of the new book, How Families Flourish: A guide to Optimal Family Functioning Using Applied Positive Psychology. (28:16)


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