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NEW: Anger Management Training in a Self-study Format

BTSpotlightTwo divorce and relationship experts have collaborated on Anger Management for Co-Parents as well as Anger Management To Cope With Life Challenges online self-study courses with video, quiz and personal reflection components.

Rosalind Sedacca and Amy ShermanDivorce expert Rosalind Sedacca, CCT (on the right) and her co-author Amy Sherman, LMHC, have announced the launch of two new online courses dealing with anger management issues. Anger Management For Co-Parents was created for separating and divorced parents. Anger Management To Cope With Life Challenges targets anger issues in the general population. Both programs teach the skills needed for more effective ways to reduce conflict and express personal feelings.

Knowing how to manage anger can help parents set limits and determine comfortable boundaries in their relationship with their co-parent as well as their children. It is especially important for co-parents who are facing the many life challenges following a separation or divorce.

The Anger Management For Co-Parents programs are available in 8-hour and 12-hour formats. The online courses provide signs divorcing or divorced parents should watch for when facing difficult situations. These include “red flag” warnings about problem behavior along with a variety of tools and strategies for taking control of our personal feelings. The course can be taken voluntarily and is also court-mandated in many counties throughout the United States with a Certificate of Completion that can be sent to the case judge.
“This course will help co-parents find healthier ways of expressing anger, frustration and other difficult feelings – which will make for more peaceful and rewarding life experiences,” says Sedacca.

To address the broad range of other anger issues that affect men and women during the course of life, Sedacca and Sherman co-created an additional 8-hour program. Anger Management To Cope With Life Challenges focuses on skills for handling conflict between married couples, employees, employers, family members, neighbors and others.

“Anger is a feeling that alerts you that something wrong. But you have choices regarding how you act upon those feelings,” says Sherman. “Reacting before thinking can lead to mismanaged anger which means you have allowed your feelings to control you. This can easily lead to actions and behaviors you never would have taken if you were making more rational choices.”

To learn more about Anger Management For Co-Parents or Anger Management To Cope With Life Challenges, visit www.AngerConflictPrograms.com.



An Anger at Birth (Guest: Dr. John Mayer)

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If you don’t mind getting a scattering of answers to the same question, ask it of counselors and therapists. Differences typically evaporate, however, when you ask them to describe the most challenging youngster they encounter.

It’s the child or teen (or an adult, for that matter) with persistent issues of anger. (One reason for an angry youngster’s resistance to change is that angry behavior is reinforced in the moment of an angry or violent act. Turning that therapeutic corner can be a frustrating challenge, even for the best of specialists.)

JMayerphotoOur guest on this program, Dr. John Mayer, is a psychologist in the Chicago area; his specialty is violent and troubled teens. Through his recent novel, An Anger At Birth, Dr. Mayer sheds plenty of light on youngsters showing existential, pathological anger and rage.

Although the book is fiction, it is based on real circumstances and events. Being fiction, the book allows the reader to know a very angry youngster’s thoughts and motives.

Listen in as your host, Dr. James Sutton, asks Dr. Mayer to share his insights, as well as his experiences regarding treatment for these young people.

JMayerAngerBookcoverHere’s a quick look at the plot of An Anger at Birth.

A city is paralyzed by fear after a series of violent crimes that break an ultimate taboo: the harm of infants and young children. The police suspect a pedophile; the media fuel fears of a violent new gang. Meanwhile, a street-smart shrink and a hard-nosed cop defy the focus of the larger investigation to pursue the real serial killer, a raging time bomb who’s planning an ultimate attack on innocents.

Dr. Mayer’s fast-paced novel pulls the reader into the world of violent, troubled individuals–and what happens when we fail to help them. (28:28)

http://www.jemayerbooks.com (This site can also take you to Dr. Mayer’s professional website and contact information.)

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Helping Adolescents with Anger and Life (Guest: Dr. John Schinnerer)

JSchinnererphotoThe emotion of anger can be compared to a stick of dynamite. Used well, and with respect for its potential, dynamite contains the energy and force to build bridges, roads and dams. Used carelessly, however, it can be incredibly destructive and costly in so many ways. It’s much the same with anger.

According to our guest on this program, Dr. John Schinnerer, issues of destructive anger in our young people, especially teens, are on the rise. He will help us sort through the nature of anger and other negative emotions in this population. And, of course, Dr. Schinnerer will offer insights and suggestions for helping these youngsters manage their anger with a perspective and manner that are more healthy and constructive. This is not only important, our future depends on it.

GuideToSelfBookDr. Schinnerer has developed a unique coaching methodology that combines the best aspects of entertainment, humor, positive psychology and emotional management techniques. He teaches clients evidence-based ways to turn down the volume on negative emotions such as anger, anxiety and stress. In short, he is revolutionizing the way in which people make sense of the mind, behavior and emotion. He is also the author of thee award-winning book, Guide to Self: The Beginner’s Guide to Managing Emotion and Thought.  (28:13)


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COMING SOON: Kids and Summer Camp: Coping with Homesickness (Guest: Frank Sileo)

Helping Adolescents Manage Frustration and Anger (Guest: Dave Wolffe)

Ask just about any counselor, social worker, clinician or Special Education teacher to identify the toughest challenge they face in helping youngsters improve interpersonal skills. Their response will be amazingly consistent: the management of frustration and anger.

Dave Wolffe, banking on over 35 years as a public school educator and counselor, shares a process that works: the Anger Management Power Program. This program builds on the premise of authentic communication and helps young people improve their behavior from the inside out. Interventions Dave calls “Anger Managers” are discussed in this interview.

Dave is a sought-after seminar leader and trainer on the subject of anger management with adolescents. He is an Adjunct Lecturer at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York City, and he’s the founder of PEACE, Inc. (Peace Enhancement Attained through Collaborative Effort), a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting harmonious, peaceful relationships. Dave’s book is entitled, Peace: The Other Side of Anger. (26:30)

For more information and free resources, go to www.peacefulroute.org

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