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Changing Pain Management into Joy Management (Michelle Cohen)

Michelle Cohen suggests that a simple redirection of our thoughts and energy from “What’s WRONG?” to “What’s RIGHT?” can create dramatic improvement in our lifestyles and in our families. She offers three areas of focus in this article entitled, “Changing Pain Management into Joy Management.”


Changing Pain Management into Joy Management, Michelle CohenHow much time do most people spend in the day looking at what is going wrong? Can you imagine what life would be like if we all spent more of it contemplating what is going RIGHT?

Scientifically, it is proven that what we focus on grows. So if we are focusing on our pain, problems or issues, it stands to reason that they are not necessarily going to go away. If we instead spend most of our time noticing everything that is going well, there is a greater opportunity to live a positive, forward-moving, happy existence. Imagine modeling that possibility to those around you – especially children.

In general, kids are really good at staying in the “What’s RIGHT?” category. They seem to begin in joy management, but then learn that pain management is the more-used quality, so they copy it. Giving yourself and them a different outlook on life – spending the day looking at and for the joy instead of at and for the pain – is a life well-managed.

Balance what is wrong with what is right

This doesn’t mean don’t pay attention to a message either from your body or your life that something isn’t going well. But it does mean spend an equal if not bigger amount of time paying attention to the messages of health, prosperity, happiness, and contentment happening around you as well.

When something goes right, how long do you dwell on that victory? Is it one high five or a toast and then on to the next problem at hand? What if you or whomever you are celebrating took time to check into your body and notice how great it feels because something went well? And just sit in that victory for awhile. This signals your body and the universe that you want more of that. Now you are focusing on results you want and taking the time for gratitude and, more importantly, to just relish and enjoy the win!

Actually There Is Something Under The Bed, Michelle CohenGet the right measurement

When little kids falls down and come running to me in pain, I always ask “But how is your elbow?” This tends to stop them in their tracks. They stop crying for a moment, actually check their elbow, realize it is fine and let me know that. So, when we go back to the skinned knee or stubbed toe, it is now more properly indicating how much pain the child is actually in as opposed to the fear, shock and initial ‘ow’ the fall generated.

Equally significant, they just got shown that the rest of their body is in complete wellness so that he or she can be reassured. They now know that for the most part, they are continuing in their joyous little bodies and for a teensy part there needs to be repair. That’s a VERY different general percentage than how most of us tend to assess damage.

Add a Joy Job

Imagine if our real jobs in the day were assessing, growing and managing our joy. Everyone has pockets of it in them, but we don’t tend to it, water it or give it sunshine on a daily basis. Most seem to let it show up when it shows up and don’t necessarily assume it is theirs for the picking at any moment.

There is something really powerful about waking up in the morning and starting the day with, “How can I manage all of the joy in my life?” Try it and surprise yourself with what kind of day it brings forth for you and those you love. ###


Author Michelle Cohen and her projects have been featured on CNN, Good Morning America, MTV, NPR’s “All Things Considered”, and in People Magazine, Entertainment Weekly, and the Washington Post. Michelle has given thousands of private intuitive guidance sessions, exponentially changing the way her clients perceive themselves in positive and permanent ways. [website].


Whatever Wanda! The Importance of Attitude (Guest: Christy Ziglar)

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CZiglarPhoto2The late Zig Ziglar believed strongly in the power and benefits of a positive attitude. He was quick to add that, although a positive attitude won’t solve every problem one encounters in life, it will help them accomplish considerably more than a negative attitude. Besides, as we will see in the book we’re featuring on this program, folks with a negative attitude steal their own joy. And life’s too short to for that, isn’t it?

Zig did more than just talk about the need for a positive attitude. He lived it, and, in doing so, he touched the lives of many with his own special brand of encouragement.

Zig’s message and influence now reach out to young children in the award-winning picture-story books authored by his niece, Christy Ziglar. In fact, this latest book, the third one in the Shine Bright Kids series, Whatever Wanda! is about ATTITUDE.

Wanda CoverIn this beautifully crafted and brightly illustrated children’s book, young Wanda is in need of a serious attitude adjustment. She struggles to understand why everyone in her town goes so crazy over the Annual Rubber Duck Days Festival and all things rubber ducky! She refuses to participate in any of the events until she realizes she is the only one not having fun. After a pep talk from the parade mascot, Wanda decides to change her mind and her outlook, and ends up having the best time of all!

Christy Ziglar is the President and Founder of Shine Bright Kid Company in Atlanta. Books in the series have been award-winning successes in their focus on choices, values and now attitudes. All of them feature a special highlight, a favorite and memorable quote from Zig himself. So, in a very real sense, Zig Ziglar’s legacy lives on in the pages of these Shine Bright Kids books. (26:44)


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Attitude Matters: Never Give Up (Guest: LaDene Mayville)

LaDeneMayvillephotoWhen we’re old enough to realize that the world out there isn’t always kind and safe, we begin to understand that struggle, difficulty and adversity are simply a part of the whole experience we call LIFE.

How we manage difficulty says a lot about us, but how we teach and encourage our children to manage difficulty says the rest. What better gift could a parent give a child or a teacher give a student?

LMayvillecoverOur guest on this program, LaDene Mayville, not only knows this subject well, she believes strongly that the defining characteristic for overcoming difficulty is attitude. “When we encounter challenges and disappointments one after another,” says LaDene, “it’s so easy to give up hope and want to quit. But if we don’t get back on our feet and keep on moving, we may never know the blessings that could be just around the corner.”

Drawing on her experiences as a storytime teacher of kindergarteners in an inner-city school, as well as her desire to encourage others as they navigate difficult circumstances, LaDene authored her first book, Hallie the Harvester Ant: Never Give Up. It’s a children’s book with a message for us all. (27:17)


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